Safety and Compliance

At Ensure Safety and Compliance we take pride in helping our partners and customers develop and implement innovative safety compliance and assurance solutions.

From designing complex compliance assurance frameworks and regulatory submissions in the nuclear sector, through to the management of fire safety in social housing, our wide range of expertise and experience allows us to help our customers implement comprehensive systems for ensuring compliance, providing assurance, and enabling the effective management of safety.

Integral to the ongoing management of safety in any organisation is the ability to plan, assess, monitor and track actions and decisions through to completion, and periodically review. This provision of evidence gives assurance to those with responsibility for operations, governance, or enforcement. Our innovative software solutions help our partners keep on top of this, providing them with real-time information and management reporting facilities.

Fire Safety

Protecting people and property from the risk of fire is of fundamental importance to any organisation – the consequences of getting it wrong can be devastating.  Our team of Fire Safety professionals work throughout the country providing fire safety assessments, advice, support and training.

The starting point for any organisation is to appoint a competent person to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), but this is only one half of the equation. The law requires you to act upon the findings of the FRA and to demonstrably manage fire safety on an ongoing basis. This means reviewing, monitoring, and testing fire safety arrangements where appropriate, and backing this up with periodic fire safety training.

At Ensure we provide the full range of support, from conducting FRAs through to the provision of technical advice, fire safety training, and liaison with regulatory authorities. We back this up by providing our customers with a FREE software system to help them to remain compliant and manage the entire process – programme planning, accessing FRAs, managing and tracking the actions through to completion, performance dashboards and periodic reports as required. Although designed to help organisations that manage large numbers of buildings (Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Managing Agents), the system is equally appropriate for businesses and organisations of any size, and is capable of dovetailing with existing asset management systems.

Safety Assurance

Specialising in providing effective risk management and safety related compliance and consultancy services within the public and private sectors, our key clients are drawn from a wide cross-section of industry and the public sector, including Local Authorities, Defence, Maritime, and the Civil Nuclear Programme.

Whilst recognising the diverse nature of our client's business, we provide key services to ensure adherence to relevant legislation, regulatory expectation and best practice. In short, what you do is not as important to us as the way in which you do it. We are committed to provide support and advice that will make your business demonstrably safer, more risk efficient and therefore more profitable.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the provision of:

  • Compliance Assurance Frameworks;
  • Regulatory Submissions;
  • Event Investigations and Reports;
  • Nuclear Licence Condition Compliance Arrangements;
  • Planning, Training and Demonstration of Emergency Response Arrangements;
  • Optimisation of System and Equipment Support Regimes; Organisational Learning;
  • Development of Operational Risk and Safety Assurance Cases and Compliance Systems.

Case Studies

Every project we undertake, whether public or private sector, is unique in its size, complexity and demands. In these pages we endeavour to give a snapshot of some of our previous projects to convey a sense of our capabilities. If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss your needs, please contact us for an initial discussion.

ENSURE was tasked by a large Housing Association to produce a Fire Safety management Plan (FSMP), in order to satisfy the requirements of the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) (The Enforcement Authority) and meet the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, in providing a demonstrable document showing that the management arrangements, control procedures, processes and mitigation in place during major refurbishment work of a block of flats reduced the fire risk to that which is tolerable and ALARP.
The revised arrangements enabled the refurbishment work to be completed in an inhabited building, whilst ensuring the safety of both the residents and contractors.

The UK Ministry of Defence requires the ability to accommodate nuclear powered warships at a number of berths around the UK and UK legislation requires that these berths are suitably assessed, and that adequate arrangements are in place to deal with any emergencies that may arise. ENSURE Safety and Compliance are contracted to provide the Nuclear Berth Safety Management Arrangements, documentation and training in maintaining the availability of the designated Nuclear Operational Berths at Portsmouth Naval Base and Southampton Docks in meeting the requirements of the duty holders, the Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator and the Office for Nuclear Regulation.
ENSURE Safety and Compliance have accumulated significant experience and worked diligently over many years to engender highly effective working relationships in continuing to satisfy both statutory and duty holder requirements in maintaining the continued availability of these berths. This has been achieved through proactive management and training across a range of public sector and industry organisations and has delivered year-on-year improvements in emergency response capabilities as validated by continued regulatory assessment.

The Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers are the largest surface warships ever constructed for the Royal Navy and provide a significantly enhanced increase in the UK’s defence and force projections capabilities. As the base port for these vessels it is vital that the Ministry of Defence is able to assure that these vessels can safely conduct entry and exit from Portsmouth Harbour and remain safely alongside in all weathers.
ENSURE Safety and Compliance compiled and presented an appropriate, wide ranging and compelling safety argument to demonstrate to all key stakeholders and the Defence Maritime Regulator that the necessary measures were in place and suitably assured as pre-requisite to authorising the first entry into Portsmouth Harbour on 16 August 2017.

UK legislation requires that any site incorporating a nuclear installation operates within a strict regime of regulatory control based on a site licensing process. Adequacy in maintaining nuclear safety is verified largely through ensuring and assuring compliance against the conditions attached to each site licence and broader safety principles.
ENSURE Safety and Compliance are well versed and highly experienced in the regulatory objectives and required duty holder outcomes in applying these licence conditions. This experience is being used to good effect in providing on-going independent safety advice and in supporting long-term periodic within both the Ministry of Defence and civil nuclear licensing domains.

ENSURE was tasked to assess the construct and effectiveness of a shipping company’s Safety Management System (SMS) for compliance with the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (International Safety Management (ISM) Code). This investigation was instigated as a result of specific concerns raised by a number of key duty holders within the business.

  • To establish how the SMS should ensure compliance with ISM code;
  • To establish whether the SMS was being implemented effectively;
  • To consider what measures the Company should be taking to find a solution to any problems identified and any further recommendations for the organisation to consider for the future;
  • To identify whether the Company has provided the appropriate training and support to all those involved with the SMS.